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        We understand at Urban Retro that you want to get the best wear out of your vintage clothing. That’s why we devised an in-depth guide of how you should look after you retro clothing to get the best out of it.


        Storing your Vintage Clothing Safely

        • Store your vintage clothing in a dry place away from direct sunlight and as far away from dust as  you can. Any humidity or dampness can harm the fibres in the vintage clothing and direct sunlight can often cause fading.
        • Keep your vintage clothing in areas in which they have air. You don’t want to keep them in confined areas such as plastic storage or too close to other pieces - you need to let them breathe.
        • Hang your vintage clothing on wooden hangers and try to avoid metal ones as this could possibly leave rust stains on the retro clothing.


        Washing your Vintage Clothing  

        Constantly washing your clothes has two major defects. Firstly it damages the fibres of your vintage clothing which can lead to a shorter lifespan for the piece. Secondly over a quarter of the retail industry’s carbon footprint is from consumers overfishing their vintage clothing. Heres some easy mistakes to avoid:

        • Unless the clothes are truly dirty, vintage clothing can be easily spot washed to remove any small stains or signs of debris.
        • Turning your vintage clothes inside out and allowing them to breathe reduces the stench of odour instead of overfishing the pieces.
        • Wash at 30 degrees or hand wash your vintage clothing as this will prolong their lifespan and will also reduce your energy output.
        • Always air dry your vintage clothing where possible, you never want to put them in a tumble dryer.
        • With all vintage clothing, you don’t want to wear them for 2 consecutive days without giving them a chance to air out. This gives them an opportunity to breathe and restores the life in them. 

          Recycling your Vintage Clothing

          What makes vintage clothing so special is the fact it's continuously recycled and reworn by any vintage lover. If you get tired of your retro clothing, theres always another loving home that would be glad to take it.

          • Swap: Pass on preloved pieces to your friends or any online seller to prolong the lifespan of the vintage clothing.
          • Donate: There’s always charity shops that will happily taken any item of clothing you no longer want instead of sending them away to inevitably be dumped in a landfill.
          • Sell: From car-boot sales to Depop, there are plenty of ways to recuperate some of your funds for any vintage piece you’ve picked up along the way.