The Biggest Fashion Icons of the 1990s

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It is without question that we take a lot of inspiration from those superstars of the 90s, from hip hop icons such as A Tribe Called Quest, to star studded actors like Will Smith who embodied the bright coloured, baggy fashion that the 90s embodied. Throughout this discussion, we’re going to show some of these mega icons alongside the brands and clothing that they brought to the forefront of 90s vintage fashion.

The Biggest Fashion Icons of the 1990s

1. Wu-Tang Clan

It’s impossible to have this discussion without kicking off with the greatest fashion icons of the 90s, Wu-Tang Clan. Dripping in Polo Sport Ralph Lauren in their music videos to even rocking some vintage Tommy Hilfiger pieces, the group were pioneers of 90s fashion. It’s safe to say some of the more modern brands wouldn’t be landing the collaborations that they are without the influence of Wu-Tang Clan (Clarks and Supreme comes to mind). The groups impression on vintage clothing is even more evident when you consider Ralph Lauren relaunched their Snow Beach range which was heavily wore throughout the 90s by members of the crew.

2. Snoop Dog

Before Snoop Doggy Dog became Snoop Lion during his reggae phase, the West Coast rapper dominated the 1990s rap scene taking gangsta rap to a whole new level. Now more known for his weed paraphernalia alongside his estranged cooking show with Martha Stewart, Snoop was without doubt a 90s icon.

Combining baggy apparel alongside his cool gangsta demeanour; Snoop channeled the 90s fashion into his own brand and arguably held the decade’s crown as one of the most stylish rappers. Constantly rocking some of the coolest vintage t-shirts, it's safe to say Snoop dominated the decade when it comes to fashion.

3. Will Smith

Although many of our readers may not know about Smith’s rap career (or choose to forget about it), the know household name showcased throughout the 90’s why he was such a dominant force when it comes to fashion.

Rocking some of the brightest garms equipped with a baggy set of denim jeans and some fresh vintage Nike trainers; Smith had every young kid wanting to wear the same vintage clothing as him.

4. Puff Daddy

It shouldn’t be difficult to fathom why big Puff Daddy has entered the list for fashion icons of the 90s considering he is one of the most powerful starlets of the music industry today, having built his empire from the ground up throughout the 90s. Mens vintage clothing for such premium brands such as Versace, Burberry and Gucci wouldn’t be the same without the role that Diddy has played. He and Biggie Smalls ran the 90s vintage fashion and without a doubt played possibly the largest role in continuing peoples admiration for the decade.

5. Tupac Shakur

With contemporary hip hop today, it is difficult to imagine an era where rappers didn’t play such a large role in fashion trends. From Soulja Boy’s infamous Breakfast Club interview which saw the sales of Gucci headbands rise tremendously, to Migos’ continuous affiliation with high end fashion and comfortably the greatest drippers on the scene right now. The crossover between rap and fashion is arguably down to Tupac.

Tupac was comfortably the Kanye of the 90’s, setting a constant dialogue of ‘what is he wearing?’, whenever he made an appearance. From gangsta rap fashion to walking the Versace runway, Tupac made a devastating impact of 90s fashion and his legacy continues to show why vintage clothing is still such a hit.

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Taking into account some of the humungous names that are amongst these fashion icons, it is difficult to really pinpoint one as the spearhead of the vintage clothing movement that we see today. All of which played an integral role in bringing rap to the forefront of music as well as combining hip-hops image with the elites of fashion. At Urban Retro, we’ve got you covered for all these styles and feel as though with our globally sourced vintage clothing, shopping with us will bring you the closest to replicating these icons styles.