Urban Retro's Guide to Men's Festival Clothing

Urban Retro's Guide to Men’s Festival Clothing

Finding your perfect festival fit can be troubling and stressful and with summer quickly approaching, everyone is on the hunt for their perfect outfit. As an online vintage store, we are constantly on the lookout for the best vintage clothing to sort you out. If you’re on your way to festivals this summer and you’re unsure on what wavey garms you need to stand out, let us provide you with some inspiration.

Men’s Festival Dressing Essentials

1. Vintage T-Shirts

Every festival goer always needs a fresh batch of vintage t-shirts to flex in the crowd and when the camera comes out. From graphic t-shirts to spellouts, everyone wants to look their best in the mosh pit, so couple this look with some shorts, a bucket hat and some fresh sneakers to complete the look.

2. Vintage Sweatshirts

An item for when the sun goes down and you’re gearing up for the headline act, everyone needs a vintage jumper to complete their festival look. Whether you’re going to throw on a vintage Ralph Lauren jumper or maybe keeping it safe with a vintage Nike sweatshirt - Urban Retro has got you covered.

3. Bucket Hats

A festival staple piece to flaunt in the crowd, any 90’s style connoisseur will tell you that the best thing to take to the festival with you is a loud bucket hat. Whether you’re trying to pull off your Liam Gallagher look or keeping it urban with a Slow Thai look; bucket hats are an essential piece to take to any festival around the world.

4. Printed Trousers

No look is complete without the bottom half of the fit. A somewhat overlooked portion of people’s outfit, for festival season it’s safe to say printed trousers can most certainly complete your outfit and take your drip to the next level. Take your printed trousers and combine them with a graphic t-shirt or even a Hawaiian shirt to complete the look.

5. Dungarees

A true 90’s style isn’t complete without the addition of some dungarees. A look not many can pull off and will certainly set you apart from the rest of the crowd - you can either pull off a denim inspired pair or be even more out their with a printed set. 

6. Men’s Vintage Shorts

With festival goers now flocking globally for some of the biggest music sets of the summer, it’s safe to say some wavey shorts should definitely be packed. Be they bright coloured, denim or a graphic print; some vintage shorts go a long way to complete your festival look.

Urban Retro: Our Verdict

For all our readers, we hope some of these essentials has given you the inspiration you need to find the best festival clothing for you this summer. Luckily, at Urban Retro we’ve got an abundance of vintage clothing for you to choose from to make sure you’ve got the ultimate fit. Why not take a dip into our vintage Adidas collection and pick out some real heat?