Five Key Tommy Hilfiger Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe

Five Key Tommy Hilfiger Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe

When it comes to finding the best vintage clothing online, it can be a swamp full of low budget sportswear pieces coupled with some bland high-end branded fashion pieces. However, at Urban Retro we pride ourselves on the handpicked retro clothing we select for our customers and are incredibly confident that we have the best heat on the web. As a UK online thrift store we source our pieces globally and bring them to your screens, so you don’t have to move a muscle to acquire the best vintage pieces around.

Best Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Pieces Your Wardrobe Needs

1. Vintage Tommy Hilfiger T-Shirt

With so many vintage Tommy Hilfiger pieces to choose from, we shall try our best to narrow this broad range of potential t-shirts to choose from. Tommy Hilfiger has dominated the vintage fashion world for well over a decade with some of the best 90s fashion around. For this section, we decided to go with their script logo tees which come in a variety of colours that every vintage buyer could get behind. As previously mentioned, this was a difficult one to decide but we felt the versatility of their script logo vintage t-shirts was something that could not be ignored.

2. Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Fleece

No brand is synonymous with a vintage fleece quite like Tommy Hilfiger. With a plethora of vibrant colours along with the subtle small print logo fleeces, Tommy has most certainly set the bar when it comes to vintage fleeces. For us at Urban Retro, we feel the cross logo fleeces are the best to choose from - although the small print logo’s are a massive hit, we feel the stretch of the Tommy colours across the chest are a real heater.

3. Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Jacket

When it comes to vintage jackets there really is a copious amount of vintage brands to choose from. Although we feel this isn’t Tommy Hilfiger’s stronger ensemble of vintage clothing, there are still some heaters that are essential for your wardrobe. As you probably saw in our Ralph Lauren blog post, we are massive fans of puffer jackets and it is the same with Tommy Hilfiger.

4. Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Sweatshirt

Similar to our t-shirt claims with Tommy Hilfiger, their vintage jumpers are cut from the same cloth. With simplistic designs dominating their catalogue, we feel the spell out sweatshirts are essentials for your wardrobe for any given season.

5. Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Bottoms

Closing off our picks for the best vintage clothing pieces by Tommy Hilfiger is their range of vintage bottoms. From graphic printed tracksuit bottoms to leisurely pyjama bottoms, Tommy Hilfiger has an abundance for you to choose from. For us, their printed pj bottoms are too comfy to ignore and are a subtle flex for when you’re chilling in the house.

Urban Retro: Our Thoughts

Although it is always difficult to try and set out a list for market leading brands such as Tommy Hilfiger for their best pieces over the past decade, we hope this list can be agreed on. If you’re looking for some more sportswear focused vintage clothing, why not take a dip into our vintage Nike range or even the ever growing vintage adidas that we are building.