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Today we’re here to talk about some truly stunning and innovative vintage Polo Sport Ralph Lauren pieces both vintage and part of their newer range, however, as one of the best vintage clothing stores on the web, we’ll probably be more favouring towards their vintage pieces.

Best Vintage Polo Sport Ralph Lauren Clothing at Stunt Vintage

1/ Vintage Polo Sport Ralph Lauren T-Shirts

With so many options to choose from as Ralph Lauren branches out into a number of different sister-brands that ultimately showcase their vintage dominance - polo sport Ralph Lauren has a plethora of vintage t-shirts to choose from.

Although there may be some bias here at Stunt Vintage, but one of the hottest vintage polo sport Ralph Lauren pieces has to be the teddy bear Ralph series. Worn by megastars such as Kanye West in the 90’s, the polo sport Ralph Lauren variation of their staple t-shirts is a vintage mega-hit and such a sought after piece. Combining sleek vintage innovation alongside quirky designs that shows Ralph Lauren can switch up their style; the teddy bear Ralph pieces are a must have for any vintage wardrobe.



2/ Vintage Polo Sport Ralph Lauren Jumpers

Another item with too many vintage pieces to choose from, the vintage Ralph Lauren sweater arsenal is too hot to handle. From knits, spell outs to simple small logo pieces, this one is definitely one of the harder decisions we’ve had to make here at Urban Retro.

Although this decision may lead to further discussion, we feel some of the strongest and most consistent vintage Ralph Lauren sweaters are their staple spell outs. Simplicity really does go a long way in the fashion industry and vintage polo sport Ralph Lauren is no exception. With an abundance of colour variants, the vintage jumper collection is always one that is expanding and always a favourite with us here.


3/ Vintage Polo Sport Ralph Lauren Shirts

Again, another difficult one to chose. Having a plethora of designs, materials and colour-ways, a vintage Ralph Lauren shirt collection is one that most men should really have in their wardrobe. Versatile in occasion and style, many of the vintage shirts could be included in this but unfortunately we can only choose one.

Although this may be controversial, we believe that the best shirt has to be the vintage Ralph Lauren denim shirt due to the fact there aren’t many of them. That could be for a number of reasons, but at Urban Retro we believe that is only down to their popularity and desirability.



4/ Vintage Polo Sport Ralph Lauren Jacket


Probably the easier of decisions throughout this discussion, there is only really one Ralph Lauren jacket that stands out for us here. A staple piece of their vintage collection, the vintage Ralph Lauren puffer jacket is a huge piece that has dominated the student market for years. Combining warmth, design and comfort all into one - the jacket has really become the wavy staple piece of any young persons wardrobe.



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