Best Mens Vintage Clothing of the Past Decade

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Looking online for some real vintage heat can be troubling nowadays. We’ve consistently opted for some of the best retro garms to add to our vintage clothing collection and will never settle for less.  As a UK online thrift store, we source some of the best mens vintage clothing around the globe and we’re always excited to show this to our keen buyers.

Having said this, we are aware that some pieces are a hit and some are a miss, so here’s a compilation of some of the hottest vintage clothes over the past decade.

Best Mens Vintage Clothing of the Past Decade 

1/ 90’s Ralph Lauren Pieces

No one has dominated the vintage era as much as Ralph Lauren and with a plethora of pieces to choose from, it is a difficult task to select one. Although vintage Ralph Lauren has arguably spearheaded the vintage revolution of modern times, there are often pieces that slip under the radar or even get overhyped.

Having vintage Polo Sport, Teddy Bear Ralph Lauren and vintage Chaps Ralph Lauren there is a huge amount of choice. For us at Stunt Vintage, we think some of the corduroy vintage shirts are the hottest bits Ralph Lauren has produced. Combining unique quirky fashion with standalone vintage clothing, it is without doubt one of the best pieces they have crafted throughout the 90’s. What makes it even better is the versatility of the vintage shirts - you don’t have to wait for seasonal wear nor do you have to shift your outfit around too much to rock them.


2/ Vintage Nike

It goes without saying that any vintage Nike piece is a heater but it would be foolish to ignore the fact the sports brand has dominated the clothing industry for well over a decade. Vintage Nike is a staple addition here at Urban Retro and it’s not something we’re ever going to be short on. Without causing too much of a divide in our office, OVO God Drake said it best, ‘checks over stripes, that’s what we like’.

With global superstars from Travis Scott to SNL host Pete Davidson, vintage Nike clothing has become a quintessential piece for anyone’s wardrobe. However, we’ve got to pick just one piece that stands apart from the crowd. Upon heavy discussion, we feel as though the vintage Nike t-shirts with the central logo are a solid piece to take this crown. Sported by La Flame himself, the 90’s Nike piece has become a such a huge Nike item to own and with stocks of the vintage t-shirt so low, an even hotter piece to own.

3/ Vintage Adidas

Ignore our previous remarks in the previous retro Nike paragraph when we’re talking about the retro Adidas pieces that have dominated the past decade. We’re talking an alternative approach to this one. Although there are a plethora of vintage Adidas clothing to choose from throughout the decade; Adidas has dominated the trainers market for much longer than a decade.

This domination is most evident with their hooligan orientated Gazelle trainers which has remained one of the top Adidas apparel pieces of all time. It was a difficult one to decide whether the Adidas Superstar would take this place but we felt the gazelles had remained such a huge item amongst the UK football scene.

4/ Vintage Tommy Hilfiger

Ralph Lauren’s greatest competitor of the 90’s era with a plethora of garms to choose from, vintage Tommy Hilfiger is such a sort after brand amongst students and rave seekers who look to combine both the class of Tommy but also the edge it can provide. Similar to the vintage Ralph Lauren range where they have the options to jump between facets of the umbrella brand, Tommy Hilfiger incorporates Tommy Jeans amongst the larger brand.

This was a slightly more difficult one but we feel that the vintage Tommy Hilfiger Rugby Tees are just ahead of their outrageous vintage jackets. Combining both bright colours and unique style, the phenomenal vintage pieces are one for the time capsule, simply timeless.

5/ Vintage Stone Island

One of the biggest premium brands that has seen a dramatic rise over the past few years. Synonymous with the football hooliganism that was rife throughout the 80’s and 90’s, the brand has elevated itself to a premium and sort after item. Having said this, vintage Stone Island comes at a premium cost to match its high demand. Luckily at Stunt Vintage, we have some of the best cheap Stone Island pieces on the market.

Although a vintage Stone Island jumper may be one of the most highly demanded pieces that Stone Island has produced, their vintage over shirts are definitely a huge hit with us at Stunt Vintage. Combining the simplicity of the brand that showcases both fighting ready garments alongside a sleek appearance, the vintage Stone Island over shirt is a tremendous piece to own in your wardrobe.


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